Q: What is the e-transfer email, question and password?

A: Send e-transfers to info@vjuice.ca with question "Company" and answer/password "Vjuice".  Please include order number in e-transfer comments.

Q: How fast do you ship?

A: Normal processing is same or next day processing, however it can take up to 2-3 days for processing. Parcel pickup happens every weekday afternoon. Actual shipping transit times are anywhere from 2-10 business days depending on what shipping option you choose and where it's going. Once a package is handed over to the carrier we have no control of where it goes or how fast it goes there.

Q: I'm local, can I pickup my order directly?

A: Our products are produced in environmentally controlled (ISO Certified) labs which are secured in compliance with excise tax labelling/control requirements which do not allow for customer access.  Our products are retailed to customers only through our website; we do not operate a brick-and-mortar retail location.  Local pickup is not available.  However, shipping locally is generally very fast (1-2 business days).

Q: Any recommended steep times?

A: We generally recommend 1 week steeping in a cool dark environment for all our flavors well giving a good shake every few days. But we do encourage you to try them out of the package and if you like it straight out of the package there's no need to wait for it to steep!

Q: Does V-juice contain any sweeteners?

A: V-Juice does not add any sweeteners to our V-Juice branded flavours.  Some Chef's Choice or SZ Vapor branded flavours may have modest amounts of sweeteners added.

Q: Do you have any betas I can try?

A: The Beta Queue is regularly updated and will offer any beta flavor we believe is ready for public trial.

Q: I just placed an order but I'd like to add something to the order is that possible?

A: Of course! Just recreate your order and include that you would like to cancel your prior order in favor of the new order in the order comments(or send us an email).

Q: Can I request a flavor?

A: Feel free to email us with any flavor profile you would like to see included in the V-juice line. We make no promises we will develop it, but we always appreciate the input and love to look into new flavor profiles. We do not do custom one off flavors.

 Q: I'm a minor can I order from V-Juice?

 A: No. The law forbids the sale of vaping products to minors and all orders require ID and age verification at time of delivery. Any orders not received due to failure to provide ID and proof of age at delivery will not be refunded.  Please see our Shipping Policy for details.