Bugbear Blood

Bugbear Blood

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A bugbear is a legendary creature or type of hobgoblin comparable to the bogeyman (or bugaboo or babau), and other creatures of folklore, all of which were historically used in some cultures to frighten disobedient children. -- Wikipedia

While bugbears are notorious for their barbaric and cunning nature, a little known fact about them is their ravenous love for rhubarb!  A rarely seen demonstration of this is a baked dish slathered in a deep red rhubarb sauce known as "Bugbear Blood"... a fantastically delicious concoction worth fighting for!

Beta Queue flavours are often unfinished and evolving recipes and are subject to change as a result.  We will note when a recipe has changed and we recommend caution in your purchases until you have tested and know that you like a particular flavour and recipe version... i.e. do not purchase a 240 ml size to test.  


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